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Loyalty Partner Solutions will launch a new location-based services solution called "PROXIMITY"

Loyalty Partner Solutions will launch a new location-based services solution called "PROXIMITY".

  • Launch of the all-sector, white-label product at the LOCA in Munich
  • LBS solution enables new marketing and revenue growth
  • Successful pilot by sister company PAYBACK shows importance and effectiveness of LBS

Munich, 1/30/2017 – Loyalty Partner Solutions (LPS), a sister company of PAYBACK GmbH, will launch its new location-based services (LBS) solution called PROXIMITY at the LOCA Conference in Munich (15-16 February). PAYBACK has successfully tested LBS use cases in initial pilot campaigns with retail and industry partners, for which it has already won the ECR Award. Now LPS and PAYBACK are jointly offering an enhanced solution outside the PAYBACK alliance in the form of the white-label product PROXIMITY.

PROXIMITY gives the customer relevant content and offers in every situation. A network of beacons, Wifi, GPS and geofencing make it possible. The scalable omnichannel solution, which combines different localization technologies in one, ensures a strategy of holistic contact with the customer. Customers are thus addressed in a highly relevant way and the customer experience intensified.

"With PROXIMITY we are opening up another new and very exciting marketing opportunity for companies", says Alexander Glück, CEO of LPS. "Of course, the more relevant offers are for consumers, the more likely it is that they will make a purchase. For companies this represents an immense potential for addressing customers and directly increasing revenues. The pilot project at PAYBACK has shown that the use of LBS technology can not only deliver above-average increases in product sales, but also in conversion rates."

The product is of interest to all providers of services and products with physical locations – from retailers and shopping malls through transport and travel companies. PROXIMITY also makes sense for the organizers of sporting events and stadium operators, as well as in the aviation and automotive sectors. The prerequisite is a mobile customer app.

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