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New solution "PROXIMITY": Scalable location marketing with know-how

Scalable location marketing with know-how. "PROXIMITY" from Loyalty Partner Solutions.

LOYALTY PARTNER SOLUTIONS and PAYBACK have presented a joint LBS solution. Its name: PROXIMITY. It combines the know-how of the two partners and makes it available to third parties as a white-label solution. In this interview David Glantz from LOYALTY PARTNER SOLUTIONS and Carsten Szameitat, Chair of the Location-Based Marketing Association, explain the market prospects for the new solution.

GFM: The new solution was officially launched at the LOCA Conference in mid-February 2017. What was the initial reaction?
David Glantz: The interest exceeded our expectations and shows the need for this technology – naturally, because it opens up new ways and one channel for bringing relevant offers to the customer. LOCA visitors could experience the product live – both in use at a PAYBACK partner and as a white-label solution.

GFM: How does the product fit into the overall market?
Carsten Szameitat: Location-based marketing is becoming ever more important – the results of the latest LBMA Trend Report show this clearly. More than one in three of the German businesses that we surveyed for the Trend Report said that location-based marketing was extremely important. And 81 per cent of companies in Germany are already using it, which is much more than in the UK or the US.

GFM: What is the relationship between PROXIMITY and PAYBACK?
David Glantz: PAYBACK uses a joint solution developed in-house to manage its location-based services for the PAYBACK app. The product is also offered as a white-label solution by LPS, which gives other companies outside the PAYBACK partner alliance the opportunity to use the product in their customer application. The Proximity solution inside the PAYBACK app and the white-label solution for LPS PROXIMITY have an identical technology base, but they are completely independent of one another. The product is built on over 16 years of retail experience at PAYBACK and the long-standing loyalty and software know-how of LPS.

GFM: That's a major difference to other solutions. Do you have any other USPs?
David Glantz: Most providers focus on mobile devices and develop solutions for mobile marketing. LPS offers a scalable, omnichannel solution that combines different localization technologies and guarantees a more individual contact strategy. Plus we use our knowledge to help embed PROXIMITY at various stages of the customer journey, in order to offer users the greatest added value in their specific situation.

GFM: Mr Szameitat, as an LBS expert, what do you think?
Carsten Szameitat: PAYBACK has been a very active partner of the LBMA for many years, driving the use of location-based solutions. So the fact that others can now profit from this experience and know-how without becoming a PAYBACK partner is a decision that could well benefit the market. The product combines several location technologies, which seems to make it flexible and sustainable. And its perspective on the entire customer journey makes PROXIMITY more comprehensive than many of the solutions on the market at the moment.

GFM: What concrete value added do you see for eCommerce providers?
David Glantz: Our product is particularly attractive for multi-channel vendors, because the use of location-based services there promises significant improvements in targeting and retargeting. That makes it much easier for them to combine the online and offline worlds.

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