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Loyalty Program Software - Oracle Siebel Replacement

Oracle Siebel Replacement

Over the past few years, the requirements for loyalty management solutions have evolved steadily and now differ fundamentally from those that were relevant a decade ago. Dynamic customer demands and competitive environments today require increased performance of loyalty software in various dimensions. A high flexibility and extensive configurability of program rules for business users, continuous and rapid integration of new program features, intelligent scaling according to load, high performance and real-time data processing and comprehensive integration capabilities are just some of the key features that loyalty management solutions need to provide in order to ensure programs’ attractiveness and future competitiveness. Insights from our latest consulting and replacement projects reveal that outdated loyalty management solutions are increasingly incapable of coping with these rising requirements.

"We are Loyalty Pioneers and one of the most experienced providers of loyalty software replacement services having successfully completed numerous migration projects. With more than 20 years of experience working with Oracle Siebel Loyalty in the areas of customization, operation and migration, as well as a deep understanding of the Oracle SIEBEL data model, we are the right partner for your loyalty software replacement initiative."

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