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PROXIMITY: The new LBS solution for more relevance in marketing

PROXIMITY: The new LBS solution for more relevance in marketing from Loyalty Partner Solutions.

1. Why are you banking on location-based marketing and investing in product development in this area?

Alexander Glueck: Marketing activities are at their most successful when they are individually tailored to customers and adapted to their current situation. A customer's situation is largely determined by where they are and why. So there's much more involved than sending push messages to a customer's smartphone. What is vital is to recognize and utilize the situational context in order to present individual contents and offers to the customer at precisely the right time. Only then is the communication relevant!

2. How did the idea for PROXIMITY come about?
Alexander Glueck: We have years of experience in the development and integration of innovative products for loyalty management and CRM technologies. And: we have great expertise in the construction and operation of high-performance real time platforms. So all our products and services support the connection to customers at all times. The logical next step here was therefore to factor in geographical proximity to the customer also. It was out of this idea that we and our sister company PAYBACK created the PROXIMITY product. Now that the solution from PAYBACK has performed successfully in the first pilot campaigns with PAYBACK partners and has demonstrated its great potential, we are also offering PROXIMITY as a white-label solution outside the alliance of PAYBACK partners.

3. Which industries are going to be interested in PROXIMITY?
Alexander Glueck: All providers of products and services with physical locations. Depending on our clients' sector they can be retail outlets, rail stations, airports, hotels or car rental points. The prerequisite is a mobile customer app. In addition to retailers and shopping centers our target industries include travel and transport companies. We can also envision the use of our solution by the organizers of sporting events and stadium operators and in the automotive industry.
4. How exactly can PROXIMITY contribute to the customer relationship?
Alexander Glueck: Face-to-face businesses can gain valuable insights into their own performance and the behavior of their customers with LBS technologies. Combining and using these findings across all channels is still a challenge for many companies that want to enhance customer loyalty, however. It is only by making intelligent use of customer insights that customer communications can be made more relevant and the entire customer experience intensified.
5. What sets PROXIMITY apart from other approaches?
Alexander Glueck: Most providers focus solely on mobile devices and develop solutions for mobile marketing. We, on the other hand, offer a scalable, omnichannel solution that combines different localization technologies in one and guarantees a more individual contact strategy. PROXIMITY meets all the requirements of major companies for whom data protection and security are vital, and at the same time features cutting-edge product development.

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