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Picture of Christian Gerlich

Christian Gerlich


“Christian Gerlich joined LPS as Chief Information Officer in November 2019 and took over the responsibility as CEO in February 2022. With a computer science education at LMU University in Munich and several years Oracle Consulting experience, he joined Loyalty Partner, playing a key role in establishing the loyalty programs for PAYBACK Germany and PAYBACK Poland as well as engineering the initial stages of their global IT platform. This set him up with the necessary expertise in Loyalty and CRM and allowed him to develop his strategic mindset while earning his MBA at FOM in Munich.

In a variety of leadership positions at the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group he sharpened his agile and digital mindset, added to his business transformation experience and amplified his customer orientation. His passion for cloud technology, SaaS and digital innovations in general is making him an indispensable part of our Loyalty team today.”

Picture of Philipp Correll

Philipp Correll

Vice President CRM-Services

“Philipp Correll has been with the LP Group since 2007. Before becoming head of customer relationship management (CRM) services at LPS, Philipp led the Business Analysis & Business Consulting for Airline and Railway. Nearly his entire tenure with LPS has been defined by work in CRM and digitization of the customer journey. Philipp has a degree in computer science from the Technical University of Munich and became a member of our management board in 2013. With his natural leadership qualities, negotiation skills, and forward-thinking world view, he strengthened the relationship with Deutsche Bahn and our position as a general contractor. His years of experience managing all services behind Deutsche Bahn’s loyalty and bonus programs give him a unique insight into the most demanding challenges of the industry and technology, plus a fresh take on customer satisfaction. Philipp’s strong focus on operational excellence, ensures high availability and quality. By establishing the Innovation Consulting Team within LPS, he makes sure our products, services, and our customers’ programs stay ahead of the curve and remain successful. When it comes to fostering strong customer relationships, Philipp’s passion for customer loyalty shines through in his work and can be felt throughout the team.”
Picture of Falk Austgen

Falk Austgen


“Falk Austgen, our Chief Commercial Officer, has a clear vision about expanding our outstanding service and solution portfolio and enhancing the chain of value creation as a full-loyalty service provider. He joined LPS in September 2019 as Chief Financial Officer maintaining a strong focus on further improving the company’s profitability and financial excellence and driving the expansion of our business initiatives internationally. Falk’s profound knowledge in financial management and his strong analytical skills guided us through the challenging business environment of the travel & transportation industry during the Covid 19 pandemic.

With over 12 years of experience in the Loyalty Competence Center of the American Express Group, Falk has acquired extensive expertise in the loyalty field through working in a variety of different companies and roles. He holds an MBA from Cass Business School in London with the major field of study in Digital Transformation and Corporate Innovation.”