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Consulting – Program transformation

Modernize Your Loyalty Program

(Re-)position your program to discover new potential and strength. Your journey of transformation begins here.

If you’re facing a lack of member engagement, declining profitability, or even pressure to commit to digitalization and sustainability, we’ll work with you to tackle these challenges head-on.

We review your program and recommend how you can transform it into one that’s innovative, commercially successful, and truly customer-focused.

With their deep expertise for managing complex projects, the experts at LPS will create a custom transformation approach and roadmap that support the seamless transformation of your program.

Start the loyalty journey

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01 Review and Recommend

First comes our review of your loyalty program’s strategy, mechanics, processes, and set-up. With this, we identify, validate, and prioritize your capabilities and make recommendations for transformation and

02 Concept and Plan

Based on those recommendations, we guide the (re-)design of your loyalty program concept and define your tailor-made transformation approach and road map.

03 Execute and Improve

Our loyalty consulting team then brings its deep expertise in managing complex projects, pulling in our product development and the required functional departments. Together, they support the seamless execution of your loyalty program transformation.

04 Prototype and Pilot

In collaboration with you and our loyalty program architects, we validate the concept and define and refine a prototype in preparation for market launch.

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