Agile Product Development

With fast, direct communication and alignment among experts, developers and TechOps, our agile approach guarantees a consistent and future-fit solution that lets you rely on our operations and maintenance.

Loyalty management Software - made in germany

At home in any IT landscape, LMS is your tool to
achieving even your most ambitious goals.

Based on a modern and expandable architecture, our Loyalty Management Software (LMS) is robust and features high availability for realizing varying program concepts.
LMS offers a wide scope of services, including for complex loyalty programs that can be realized by configuration only. The software is adaptable down to the finest detail; if necessary, specific steps or entire workflows can be individually adjusted, and with specific configuration possibilities. This allows you to comprehensively expand the standard functionality and tailor it to your business model. The architecture ensures that you get the best from the latest versions of LMS: Your individual solution can grow with the LMS development and be kept up to date.

Software solutions for enterprise loyalty programs  – made in germany.

Benefits for IT

The Loyalty Management Suite is scalable, robust, and has the most-current data protection standards in accordance with the GDPR. Its ease of operation and integration have already made it a favorite of tech specialists around the world.

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Data Security

Protecting your data and that of your customers is serious business. That’s why we leave nothing to chance.


LMS is designed to process enormous amounts of data in real time without sacrificing performance. Scaling aligns with your program’s growth and data volume.

The software’s scope of functions can also be flexibly expanded. LMS has all necessary processes for a future-fit loyalty system and can be directly integrated with a few simple adjustments.

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The functional and technical LMS processes and workflows have been thoroughly tested and optimized. This is how we are able to provide you with proven, transaction-secure loyalty processes. Your users won’t lose a single point or miss a single mile.
Software can be updated without downtime. The technical and software architecture eliminates downtime during software updates.

SaaS and Operation

LMS is offered as SaaS. No need to care about the technical side of operations: our experienced technical service cares about this for you. In case you have another preference: LMS can also be operated in your own computer center or in one that we provide.

In addition to standardized interfaces (e.g. partner integration and connectivity to master-data management systems), LMS offers comprehensive reporting and monitoring. And of course, the possibility to connect to other business software.

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LMS is designed to fit seamlessly into more than a hundred interfaces. Integration is simple and manageable thanks to its clearly defined interfaces and processes.

This way, you enjoy the full benefit of our experience with complex, comprehensive integration scenarios in airline, rail and retail.

Transition and Data Migration

Smoothly transitioning from your current loyalty system and ecosystem is always a challenge. Lucky for you, our experience and success give you a strong foundation for even the most complex scenarios. This also makes a gradual transfer, integration, and launch of functional areas possible. But you don’t have to do it alone: our experts are ready to accompany your team every step of the way. 

Migrating existing data is another crucial part of switching to a new software platform. From customer statistics to dynamic transactional data, you can be sure everything will be in its proper place after switching to the new system.