From the base to the top - extensive adaptation capabilities

Building up your loyalty program in perfect fit to your customers

Like every customer and every trip, your business requirements are individual - we have thought for that ; )

After defining your future-fit loyalty program, we enter the building phase. Here, the focus turns to adapting and configuring the program to meet the specific requirements of you and your program members.

This holistic set of adaptation and customization features offer two main benefits: first, they ensure a fast time-to-market so you can react to the latest trends; and second, they let you refine your program quickly, efficiently, and continuously. This gives you economic stability through reduced costs and increased revenue.

With unique expertise we gained by continuously accompanying and advising our long-term customers, we are happy to be a valuable partner for you too.

Our Build Services

With our comprehensive building services, we adapt our loyalty solution towards your needs.

Building your unique loyalty program

The solution’s wide range of adaptation capabilities allow you to maintain a one-of-a-kind, superior program for the long term.

illustration build

Offering you endless configuration possibilities for maximum flexibility.

The solution gives you all the configuration capabilities so you can sustain and enhance a customized and unique loyalty program now and in the future.


Adjustment of specific components

Create your specific loyalty program

Various adaptation capabilities enable further individualization of your program through efficient intervention and adjustment of specific components.
The result is a program that meets all your requirements.

loyaltyprogram grafik


Putting it all together

Make all the pieces fit with custom configuration

how to build a program


We leave nothing to be desired


Adapting LMS to match client specific needs leads to:


Designing or adapting to a specific configuration leads to: