Full Configurability

„Managing a complex loyalty program has never been easier. We created a new status level in just a couple of hours and can integrate new partners on our own, all without having to call on IT for support.
LMS is simply phenomenal!"

Flexiblity, benefits and revenue for your Loyalty Department

LMS has been built to significantly
increase the revenue of your Loyalty program

For a loyalty program to be successful, it has to know its blind spots and turn them into strengths. LMS helps you identify and manage the various value drivers that will determine the success of your loyalty program.
One of these is member behavior. What stories are your member engagement telling you?
Or consider your business model’s cash-generating components, such as selling miles, paid services, and marketing services for partners. Then factor in the cash outflow for technical and business operations and redemption costs to get the full picture. LMS comes fully equipped with the capabilities and functionalities to identify and optimize these value drivers. By maximizing individual elements of a loyalty program’s business model, you can bolster your program’s revenue.

Benefits Loyalty Department

Our customers’ programs set the bar in different sectors worldwide. Loyalty is in our DNA, and our experts bring their unmatched knowledge and years of experience to the conception, construction, development, and operation of growing and highly profitable customer loyalty programs.

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Revenues through Partner Ecosystem

LMS optimizes revenues by selling miles to program partners. It comes with a rich set of features for partner management, onboarding, operations, and clearing. LMS fully supports the Loyalty department in sustainably growing and efficiently maintaining the partner network; it also provides all underlying features needed to manage the selling of loyalty currency to partners.

Paid Loyalty Services

LMS unlocks the potential of additional revenues by providing selected loyalty services against payment to the member base. It is delivered to you ready to support subscriptions, paid benefits, currency purchases, and paid services. LMS also gives you a framework for managing one-time and subscription services, and thus provides the opportunity to define meaningful additional services to existing and potential members of the program.

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Marketing Services

LMS helps your Loyalty department convert the member base and the data treasure into revenues from marketing services on behalf of program partners. It equips loyalty marketers with features to gain member insight, and to create personalized campaigns and promotions, partner-related clearing features, as well as defined integration capabilities to connect with the existing marketing and campaign frameworks. LMS helps define, sell, and run partner campaigns to targeted member groups, utilizing and leveraging all data generated by the loyalty program.

Member Growth

LMS is well known to be the main differentiator to outperform other programs regarding member growth. Therefore, it has built-in functionalities to drive the individualization and personalization of the program for different target groups as well as features to create an attractive earn and burn proposition and easy and frictionless member onboarding procedures. LMS fully supports the loyalty department to over-achieve the targets in member growth.

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Member Engagement

LMS helps accelerate member engagement and super-charges your program’s revenue and profitability. The software’s tool kit of features creates meaningful and personalized offers, which can be delivered to the members in the right place at the right time. It also varies the earn-and-burn opportunities for partners and supports personalized program mechanics along the entire customer journey.

Efficient operations

LMS is a highly configurable tool equipped with industry best-practice business processes for efficient and reliable loyalty program operation. LMS achieves maximum synergies by combining long-term business experience with deep technological expertise. Main drivers include a comprehensive framework of predefined business processes, efficiency in business and technical operations due to a high degree of automation, and the LMS software provided in a cloud-based SaaS model.

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