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Best-in-class customer service needs an experienced general contractor providing top quality

For more than 15 years, we have been handling all processes for Deutsche Bahn’s CRM with a dedicated team as a general contractor. This includes the BahnBonus and BahnComfort programs as well as all BahnCard business processes. For consulting and the implementation of innovation projects, we gather the know-how and creativity of the entire team.
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We have enjoyed our close-knit strategic partnership with LPS for over 15 years
now. LPS has been right by our side for the consultation and development of
countless changes and ideas.

LPS has gone beyond its role as general contractor and ensuring the system’s
stable operation: They have amazed us with their flexibility, ability to make
last-minute changes to new market conditions, and proved themselves to be
true loyalty experts not only in implementation but consulting as well.

LPS and the DB group have grown together as a strong team, thanks to the
many years of this trusting, productive partnership.

Dr. Claudia Koehler, VP of Customer Relationship Management

DB Fernverkehr AG


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