Green Loyalty for Airlines and travel industry

As desire to travel the world continues to rise, so does awareness for the environment.

These days, consumers believe they are faced with a difficult choice: travel or care for nature. As a result they end up travelling less. But the choice doesn’t have to be that hard. Green Loyalty is our concept for solving this dilemma for you and your customers.

Discover our Green Loyalty approach, which offers travel companies concrete solutions for achieving their sustainability goals by enhancing their loyalty program.

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Promote sustainable travel with green loyalty

How can Green Loyalty help you successfully promote sustainable travel?

Through extensive research, we have identified customers’ true pain points preventing them from sustainable travel. Green Loyalty targets these desires by providing sustainable options and eco-friendly solutions to support self-determined decisions and turns them into positive experiences that create trust in “Green Loyalty”.

Green loyalty addresses your customers' four key desires to make sustainable travel work

Fear of Greenwashing

Greenwashing is defined as the deceptive use of green PR or green marketing in order to promote a false sense that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.

Greenwashing is a serious issue across many industries, and has clearly damaged the credibility of sustainable tourism initiatives. 

Transparency and Visibility

Travel companies need to be transparent about their environmental practices in order to gain the trust of consumers.

Give customers the information they need to fully understand the impact of their choices and decisions. Make them proud of their contribution and build visibility on the impact they have. 

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Lack of options

The travel industry has been gradually increasing its efforts to become more sustainable, but there is still a lack of options beyond CO2 compensation to contribute to our global sustainability goals.

While there are sometimes possibilities to travel more sustainably, these are often poorly communicated, are not practical, lack relevance or simply are not possible for everyone. 

Relevance and choice

Communicate a range of simple and effective possibilities for customers during their travel journey and beyond to act sustainably and educate them on the impacts their actions have. 
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Missing appreciation

So far, green travel is often seen as an inconvenience or something that costs more money. Instead sustainable travel behavior should be encouraged and celebrated.

Loyalty programs offer the perfect framework to show appreciation to travelers that care for the planet but current loyalty programs are not designed around sustainability.

Benefits and rewards

Incentivize positive actions with (a green) bonus currency and offer attractive rewards and benefits potentially tied to a “green” tier level.

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Fear of being the lone fighter

The popular image of the lone ranger, working to make their home and life more sustainable is one that is all too common. It can be overwhelming and depressing at times, feeling like you are the only one doing anything to make a difference.

Powerful community

Incentivize sustainable actions by enabling interactions with different groups such as families, friends, and other groups to experience the greater impact of these actions.

How does Green Loyalty work?

Travel eco-friendly and benefit from green rewards with Green Loyalty.
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Customers earn green points for sustainable actions, choices and purchases along the travel journey and his every day life.
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Customers can choose to redeem green points in a number of ways from donating to sustainable projects or paying for sustainable products and services.

Some examples of ways to redeem green points:

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Green Loyalty offers travelers an eco-friendly choice in services and products related to their trip while rewarding them for sustainable behavior and decisions throughout their journey and beyond.

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Green Loyalty white paper

Explore more insides, on how to gain your members trust, create value for your loyalty program and reach your sustainability goals by integrating GREEN LOYALTY mechanics.

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Our loyalty consulting experts create custom Green Loyalty concepts that are truly customer-focused and innovative and that support the achievement of sustainability, financial and program KPIs.


Our out-of-the-box core module and partner network ensure fast time to market and provide maximum flexibility to enable a symbiotic relationship with the airlines’ existing loyalty programs.


Our business and technology services work closely together to allow for efficient operation and continuous improvement of the Green Loyalty initiative.

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Start building customer loyalty with greener solutions today

Now is the perfect time for loyalty
to promote sustainable travel

As the world wakes up to the reality of climate change, sustainable travel has become a hot topic. Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and businesses are starting to take notice. Many companies are beginning to implement green mechanics into their loyalty programs as a way to encourage sustainable travel.

There are a number of reasons why now is the perfect time to start promoting sustainable travel through your loyalty program.

Consumer demand for sustainable products is rising.
According to a recent study, more than half of global respondents said they would pay more for sustainable goods*. This number is only going to increase as awareness of the climate crisis grows.
Green mechanics are a great way to differentiate your brand and into your loyalty program from competitors.
With so many companies vying for customer loyalty, standing out from the crowd is essential. Adding sustainability elements to your loyalty program will show customers that you’re committed to making a positive impact.

Green Loyalty has the potential to leverage internal business goals.

These days many transportation companies have predefined sustainability goals. This is no surprise, given the rise of sustainable tourism which is estimated to surpass $8 trillion by 2032**. Strengthening customer relationships around green practices thus helps to reach your business goals while meeting modern customer expectations.

Climate change and its consequences are predominantly seen
as the biggest challenges for humanity in the 21st century***
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Global sustainability objectives

Countless organizations and institutions worldwide have joined 137 countries in their commitment to reach carbon neutrality (most by 2050) and have entered into treaties such as the Paris agreement to combat climate change.

Sustainability efforts by the travel industry

The travel industry is setting its own ambitious goals in response to these objectives. For example, the Travel Corporation**** and Airbnb***** have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030. As a result, the travel industry is increasingly investing in initiatives such as fleet efficiency renewable energies.

**** The Travel Corporation pledges 100% carbon neutrality by 2030 (
****** Travel companies are going ‘net zero.’ Here’s what that means. – The Washington Post

The travel industry has made efforts to encourage sustainability, but consumers have been slow to respond. This is likely due to a lack of education and understanding of the benefits of sustainable travel, and how measures such as carbon offsets can help reduce the environmental impact of air travel.

Fortunately, loyalty programs can help to bridge this gap by providing tangible rewards for sustainable consumption. Consumers are more likely to respond positively to incentives such as discounts on green products or services, or additional points for eco-friendly travel choices. By making sustainability an integral part of their loyalty programs, the travel industry can empower consumers to make greener choices and help reduce their environmental impact.

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