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Whitepaper - Legacy System Replacement - loyalty software

Legacy System Replacement

Numerous airline loyalty programs are still operating with outdated loyalty management software due to concerns about high costs and long project durations when replacing legacy systems. Considering the multiple challenges associated with the use of legacy solutions, however, loyalty programs are likely to face significant competitive disadvantages by sticking to outdated loyalty management software for too long. The increasingly volatile and competitive market conditions in the airline industry, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, further raise business, operational and technical requirements for loyalty management solutions, and thus the need to replace legacy loyalty software.

"We are Loyalty Pioneers and one of the most experienced providers of loyalty software replacement services having successfully completed numerous migration projects. Being the only company that seamlessly migrated a loyalty program with more than 100 million members from a home-grown legacy solution, we provide unique expertise you can rely on for your loyalty software replacement, irrespective of your program’s size."

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