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David Glantz at T2RL Talks

T2RL Live Talk 2021

David Glantz (Head of Pre-Sales & Marketing) in Discussion about the future of Airline Loyalty Programs.

27. April 2021 – Online

The live session “Loyalty Live: The Future of Loyalty” is an online event hosted by T2RL.

Our colleague David Glantz, Head of Pre-Sales & Marketing, will be taking part in a paneldiscussion on the future impact of loyaltyprograms in the airline industry. Experts from different companies will share their views on current trends, market changes, and opportunities:

Redemption: How are airlines addressing the liability of point accumulation, extension of benefits, and new opportunities for redemption?
Reach: How are airlines using #loyalty as a tool of maintaining customer relationships?
Retail: What is the role of loyalty in driving the next generation of retailing in airlines? ยท Relevance: How is the meaning of loyalty changing as a result of longer term generational shifts and short term pandemic impacts?
(R)evolution: How is airline loyalty adapting to the new world?

These and other questions will be discussed live. Interested?
Click here to register: T2RL Live Talks: The Future of Loyalty

Loyalty Partner Solutions at T2RL Live Talk 2021