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Consulting – Program design

Tailored Loyalty program concepts

Enjoy tailored loyalty program concepts that put the focus on the customer and give you the competitive advantage.

Whether you are looking for a custom stand-alone or a coalition loyalty concept, we work with you to design the perfect program.

Support your organization’s goals with a program strategy designed by LPS that offers compelling business, operating, and partner models.

Our loyalty experts will help you create attractive program mechanics, define processes, and determine the technological and operational program set-up to most successfully run your program.

Our recipe for loyalty program success:

Define Program Strategy

Our team aligns with your organization’s goals for the stand-alone or coalition loyalty program. The jointly defined business and operating model, as well as a partner model, create value for all stakeholders.
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Design Program Mechanics

Using your objectives as a basis, we design irresistible program elements, including concepts for point collection and redemption, member differentiation, incentives, and engagement.

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Determine Processes and Program Set-Up

We then lay out the governance model and describe processes that bring your concept to life. The operational and technological set-up to successfully run your program is determined.

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Build a Business Case

Our finance experts then get to work building a realistic business case that clearly outlines the estimated return on investment for the key decision-makers.